The Bird House

     Walking Kind of Bird Productions is a full service Digital Marketing company. We offer a complete package of Photography, Videography, Social Media Management and Website Construction to enhance your presence on the web. We don’t stop there. We also offer marketing consultation and campaign platform creation so you can deliver the most effective message possible to your audience.

Whether you are a large company or just starting out, chances are you could use more business and the majority of consumers now search for goods and services online.

Why Online Video?

Each day, billions of Web users combine to watch three billion videos on YouTube, make 250 million posts on Twitter, and spend over 55 billion minutes on Facebook. These tools enable mass communication on the scale of television and radio, but maintain the intimacy of word-of-mouth.

What are some of the things video can bring to your business? At a minimum it can:

  1. Raise your business’s rank for all the major search engines
  2. Increase the time a consumer spends on your website
  3. Elevate the likelihood a consumer will buy your product by 70%
  4. Increase the effectiveness of a marketing campaign

Starting at concept, we will tailor your video to your marketing needs and to strengthen your existing brand. This may be a single video or through a combination of videos.

At no extra charge, we will integrate your video into YouTube, your website(s), your social media outlet(s), our social media outlets and any other desired place(s) online. For very reasonable rates, your video can be placed online where it will specifically target consumers of your choosing (location, age, gender, etc.).  Additionally, if desired we can help you put your video in local TV and convert your audio for local radio.

Don’t have effective social media for your business yet? We can help you with that, too.